My First Encounter

The Hospital

My first encounter happened with an unusual twist. I was in the waiting room of the hospital that my mom was in. She was there because she had suffered a heart attack and they wanted to transfer her from Sedalia, Missouri to Columbia, Missouri and do a bypass. During her initial examination to see if she could make the trip, they found that the growth on her adrenal gland had grown some. They had done a biopsy on it and that is what caused her to have the heart attack in the first place. They had done the procedure without anesthesia, and missed the spot they wanted twice and on the third time, managed to get the part they wanted to biopsy.

After the procedure, I was pushing her in a wheelchair to move her around and to check out of the hospital. As we were checking out she started having chest pains. The doctor said she should just go home and take some Tylenol and rest. Well, the lady checking us out, didn’t like the looks of her and suggested I take her down the hall to the ER. I thought it best too, just to have her checked out. She was indeed having a heart attack at that point.

Well, they got her stable and moved her to a room on the third floor of the hospital. It was a part that had just been remodeled and so it was a really nice room and private. She had dozed off to sleep and I went and got a cup of coffee in the waiting room that was on that wing of the hospital.

There was a magazine rack there and all sorts of them to read. There was also a small book there that was titled, “The One Commandment Everyone Breaks”. So, I picked it up and started reading it. It was not a very long book and it had been just placed there because it was new looking and had never been opened before. Well, I read it and it was talking about the fourth commandment, or if you are in a different church the third one (that’s another chapter). As I read, God was using that book to guide me to the truth. I wasn’t aware He was using his hand to do so, but that is the case. Sometimes God uses a time in our lives, to teach.

So, the Fourth Commandment is “Remember the Sabbath day and to keep it Holy. As I read it, the book was explaining that the Sabbath was the seventh day, not the first day of the week. It did not explain why it was moved from Saturday to Sunday as I had always been taught that was the Sabbath. It was just that according to the Bible, Saturday was the seventh day.

My Mom circa 1943

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